ETF313KM-2 - Kermel Flash Hood - Fire - Hood


Kermel Flash Hood

Multi-layered balaclava for wear in circumstances where the user is at risk of exposure to fire from the ignition of gas during live gas connections or when dealing with gas escapes. The construction of the garment shall provide adequate protection for the head and face. Suppliers shall ensure that the garment provides adequate protection for the user’s neck when worn with the fire suit for the same operations.

Inventory: Please Enquire

Composition: 220 gms Kermel Lenzing

Sizes: Small – Reg – Large


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Innovative design to ensure that the seams are comfortable. Elasticated face opening. Designed to work alongside other PPE and sits comfortably under shoulder braces. The fabrics are designed in a rib design for additional comfort and stretch using a warp knitted fabric and shows superior fit and comfort


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